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Add an Email Filler Copy

Updated on 4 Jan 2024

Add your company's purpose, mission statement, core values, and other non-salesy copy to all your broadcasts and emails for automations to be considered high quality and increase your emails open rates!

The idea is that the email is longer and contains lots of credible content, thus upping the words to images ratio, and the 'non-promotional content' to 'sales content' ratio, and thus making it look better to the bots.

Find this option in Settings >> Email settings.

Only Available in Skyrocket Plan.

Also - apparently it's best to only add one link to your offer (or two, max) because the number of links to the same URL in the email is part of what the bots are looking for (to determine if it's promotional or not).

Part of what's key with this new feature is having more non-promotional copy in relationship to promotional copy. So the stuff you add in the footer should be looooooooong.

Why is there a big gap between the email and the filler copy?

The goal of the bottom filler copy isn’t for it to be read every time someone sends an email. It’s for open rate text to-image/link ratio optimization. The gap will be added automatically.