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Scheduling links

Hi. This is Sophie from Simpler. And in this video, we'll take a look at scheduling links. Scheduling links is the way that you set up your calendar in Simpler where your customers can book a call or a session with you. And you find it under content, scheduling mix.
To create a new Scapulon link, you just click on this button right here, and then you fill out this basic information first. So you give this name. Let's call this 1. Sophie's calendar. You can put in any description you want in here.
And then show the duration. So this is what amount of time people will book you for. If what they're booking is a discovery call, you might set this to just 15 minutes. Maybe it's a paid session and you want to set it to 60 minutes. For link type, I'm going to start by showing the individual type, but I will also return and show you what the mask just is all about a little bit later in this video.
And then finally, you just pick who this link is for. I will choose myself, but you can choose any admin on your account by clicking on this 1. And then you just hit create scheduling link. So on this next page, you can fill out the rest of the settings. We have the name, we have the description, the duration, the next point is availability.
Its default is set to working hours. But you can change this by clicking here and make custom variability. Choose what dates and what time slots you're going to be available for. But the default is just 9AM to 5PM on weekdays. Now here, you can choose what calendar to create your events on.
So if I click on this, I'm able to add this 1 because I'm currently locked in on my Google account, so I can add these in it to my Google Calendar. I can also, by the way, go up here and enable this to overlap my calendar, and we can then see anything that I have on my Google Calendar will show up here so that I can work around those time slots. Finally, we have a few settings down here. Under location, you can choose where you want people to get the link to. The default is Zoom, and this is really smart if you're connected to your Zoom account because then the supplier will actually also add the meeting in your Zoom account.
You can also give them a custom URL and not give them any link at all. Let's just say that I want to have them go to Zoom and make the appointment in Zoom. Then we have a few extra settings here. Redirect for custom URL after booking. I can enable this and put in any link in here.
This could be a confirmation page. Maybe I want them to fill out some extra information. And here, I can include some more additional info if I want to do that. And then we have this 1 automation. I can choose to let them start on any automation in my system once they make an appointment and they will automatically stop on the automation if they cancel their their appointment.
And then down here, the final thing, I can choose to overwrite the default settings. The default settings you can find if you go to simpler dot com profile scheduling preferences. You can also just go through your profile and then go to scheduling in the right side here. And then you can see what your default settings are here. So right now, I will have a bus for 5 minutes before and 5 minute after event.
And also, people cannot book there will be minimum notice for 60 minutes, so people will not be able to book me in 30 minutes, for example. And then also limit how far in the future someone can book. Currently, it's set to 60 days, but I could set this to any amount of days that I would like. And these are the settings that you can choose to overwrite for this specific scheduling link if you want to do that. Okay.
So let's go ahead and save these changes. And once I've done this, I am able to copy the link for this specific scheduling link and sent this link to my customers. So let's just try to pretend that I'm a customer right now going into this calendar and I want to book a time for next week. So I'm going in here. Let's look for Monday, 10AM.
Then I'm going to write my name and my email. Let's just do like this and click schedule. So from the customer's standpoint, this is a very simple procedure. Now they will get an email about their calendar invitation with all the details and they get the link to Zoom as well. They can also add this to their calendar, so if they're logged into Google, they can add it to that Google Calendar.
Now if I go back to my dashboard here and I go to scheduling links. I can see the schedule scheduling link that I created and I can also see that under events, it right now says 1. And that's because I just pretended or I just did a booking. So if I click on this 1, we can see that right now I have a booking. These are both myself, but, of course, your customer's name would be here.
And it's for Monday, sending him to 11AM. 1 hour, I can also see the time zone and the number of participant Participants, this is me and the customer. And then we have a link for the event page and the location as well. Okay. Now for the next type of scheduling link, which is the master type.
And this is currently available on the scale and skyrocket pen, and this allows you to have a calendar for your whole team. In order to use the master link, you first have to set up an individual calendar for all the members on your team just like I just set up this 1, Sophie's calendar. Once you've done that, you can go and create new scheduling link and then pick the master down here. Maybe we want to call this 1. See calendar.
Under master type, we have 2 different types. We have round robin and we have collective. I'm going to show you what the difference is on the next page, but let's just pick this round web in first and create the new scheduling link. Okay. So this page looks very similar to the 1 we looked at before.
Only this time We are on a master calendar, and we have the round robin enabled right now. A round robin calendar is useful if your customers need to book with just any member on the team. And this means that I can add any scheduling link in here from my team, so I can add the 1 that I just created, and I can add another 1 down here. And if I have the round robin turned on, then this gives people plenty of opportunities to book because just any of these members down here need to be available for people to book a time. Now if I click on the collective instead, we can see that this limit the time slots available and that's because the collective type is used for when all members on your team should be available.
So now it's not enough that just 1 member is available. All the members down here need to be available in order for the customer to book. And just like with the individual scheduling, you can also go down here and redirect to custom URL after booking. You can include additional info if you want to do that. And you can pick an approximation for people to start on or stop if they cancel their appointment.
So that was all the scheduling things, and I really hope that you'll find this feature super helpful.

Scheduling Links are the equivalent of appointment booking calendars. Once you set it up and share it with your members, they will be presented with a Calendar where they can book an appointment, meeting, or event,... with you or your team. Check the How-To Guides here.

Disclaimer: This was still a beta feature at the time the video was recorded. Improvements are coming in future versions of the feature. We encourage you to submit a feature request if you have suggestions on how to improve it!


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