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Adding Subscribers to Your List

Once you have created your list in simpler, you can choose to add subscribers to this list. Maybe you already had a list somewhere else and maybe you got some email addresses on a physical event and you want to add those people to your list. You can do this a few different ways and I'll show each of them in this video. Click on this ad subscribers, and this take you to a page where you have these 3 different tabs you can import from a CSV file. You can enter them manually or you can copy from other.
So let's just do them 1 x 1. The first option is to import from a CSV file. You click on this choose file and then you find the file on your computer. And once this is done, you hit upload file. And you get to match the fields here.
So this is name. And actually, in this case, this shouldn't be full name. This should speak first name. But if you had a full name, you would, of course, choose full name. And email email, that looks fine.
Here I can choose whether I want to override info on existing contacts if they're already in the system. Let's just say that I wanna do this. In this case and I click start import. And just like that, my import has been scheduled and actually can see it already happened Now it says 2 under subscribers. And if I go in here, I can see the people actively subscribe to my list.
So the second thing I can do is I can click add subscriber and I can enter them manually. There's an example in here. You just put in the email, then a comma, and then there name. So that's pretty easy. Once again, you have the option to override info and you can then import emails.
The final option is to copy from other. If you already this is our test account, so there are a lot of lists. You can copy people from 1 list to another. So let's say that I wanna copy the people from this list, then I can come here and say copy now. And all of these people will also be subscribed to the list.

Find all the ways you can add subscribers to your lists on our step-by-step help guide Adding Subscribers to a List.


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