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How to Get Help in Simplero

Hi there. This is Olga here. In this video, I'm gonna show you how to get help if you have question while setting up and using simple arrow. So first thing you can do if you have questions is go to help dot simpler dot com. And here we can find all of our guides courses and other information you might need.
So here you have a search bar where you can search by topic. And on the top right corner, you can see there's the how to guides. They are organized by topic by section insights in plural. And you can you can see the different lessons inside. And then when you when you click on any, then you can also see them.
All organized on the left sidebar here. Then if we go back to the help to the help page here, you will also see the implementation Q and A's button. At the time, this video was recorded There's twice per week, there's question and answer sessions. Those are free and live with 1 of the same payroll experts. So you can click here to sign up, and then you can join 1 of our experts in a call together with other members and ask them questions.
Then if you scroll down, you can also find other resources such as simpler university. In simpler university, you will find a lot of information and different courses on online businesses. So there's many different topics I'd recommend you check them out. And then also you can here you can click to get support or to join our Facebook group. We have a nice community in Facebook, So if you have questions or you want suggestions on how to set up your business, there is a good place to ask your questions.
Then also another way if you cannot find the information you need on the guides from any simpler page here on the right corner you you can find this this blue button where you can click and you can open a support ticket with 1 of our supporting members. You can also write as on support at simpler dot com, and we will answer as soon as possible. If you prefer that someone looks at your specific account and sets up things with you, we have 2 paid services that you can use. First of all, is concierge. So if you go to simpler dot com slash concierge, you will see all the information you need.
This is done with your services. So 1 of our experts will join you on a call. We'll have a look at your project. And will help you with whatever you need, with training, and with setting up your account. There's so many limitations that you need we aware of.
So have a look at this page. And if you're thinking about if you're thinking to hire consumers, just contact them and let them know about your project, and they will let you know if that is possible and how long they estimate it's gonna take. Another option. If you want someone to do it for you, so if you want to just leave your project with someone else, you don't wanna be doing with them. You can hire 1 of our certified experts, so certified experts are not similarity members.
They have their own separate companies, but they have been officially certified by Simparo. So you have the confidence that they know how to use Simparo and that they know very well. So you can have a look at this page. Have a look. If you scroll down, you'll see you'll see the different the different experts we have, what their expertise is, and you can have a look if you are looking to hire someone.
So these are the easiest ways to get help. Don't hesitate to ask if you have any further questions.

In Simplero there are 4 distinct ways to get help. 

  • Support tickets (Free) - The little blue icon in the lower right corner, when you're on your admin dashboard, is where you can find our support team. They can help with any small issues to any big issues. You can also reach them on, if you don't have access to your Simplero account currently.

  • Live Implementation Q&A Calls (Free) - Want to quickly hop on a call with someone that works at Simplero? Live Implementation Q&A Calls are for you then.

  • Simplero Concierge - A group of expert team members from within Simplero that can help you and set up things together with you. Check here for more information. You can book a free discovery call where they can give you a budget and a time estimation for what you would like to do with them.

  • Simplero Certified Experts - If you need something done for you, these are the people you would look to hire if you want someone in your actual business, day-to-day, conquering each challenge along with you. They are not Simplero staff. They are separate businesses each with their own field of expertise and have been officially certified by Simplero. Have a look here to know who they are.


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