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Creating and Configuring a Product

Hello, and welcome to this video in Intruded to Simparo course. My name is Emil. I will be teaching you how to create and configure your first product today. So right here, I am on the dashboard for a demo, a simpler account. And from here, we wanna go into sales and then products.
Once we are in products, we wanna go ahead and click on create new product. You can see here is the overview that you're gonna have for your product once you happen. Going. You're gonna have a little bit information. So we're gonna go ahead and click a new product.
Here, we wanna name our product, and this is the name that your customers will be seeing. And what is actually, what is a product in Simclaro? A product is what you sell. So this is what's gonna make you money for your business. So it can be anything from a ebook to a recipe book or if you have a course in St.
Claro that you wanna set up, for example, yoga classes. It can be anything really. You connect it to this product and then, you know, you sell it from there. With that in mind, let's create the product and let's call it free ebook. On food, something like this.
And you can see by clicking here, we're gonna get a few more information. So subtitle forward internal name if you wanna, you know, classified as something that you come in stand and then, you know, add a label if you want. The product card is the picture for your products. So make sure you put a good picture here that displays, you know, it gives an idea of what the product is for the customer that is. Gonna apply it.
And yeah, that's that's basically it. So you wanna click on choose file and then it's gonna pop up and ask you to choose a picture in there. It's gonna show on the order form and under their account once they buy it, they will receive a central IP if they get access stuff, and then they can see it in here. A short description of the product is probably a good idea as well again so that people know what they're buying. Now here, you can see the price, what sort of price you want it to set up to be, whether it should be a 1 time purchase.
A subscription or it is something they can buy with credits. You can set up products in in in in in simpler as well where you buy credits. And credits can be used, for example, if you are offering IT help online and you offer, you know, 10 hours for a hundred bucks, then you would set that could set that up as a credit type product, for example. For this 1, we'll just go ahead and create a 1 time purchase, and let's just say that it is a total of 10 bucks after tax. Now speaking of facts, we have a little bit of options here.
There is also, if you are in EU, it will show a few more options here. I'm not a big text guy. I don't know about you, of course. But at least you have all of the options here. Again, if you are in the EU, it will show more options than this.
You can also choose whether it's just completely exempt or whether the list price should show it included. The welcome email is the email that comes out. The minute they buy the product, they will receive an email immediately after, and that is what it's gonna be. So make sure you write a good welcoming thank you email here. So, you know, your customer knows what's going on.
You have a few more agree a few options here. You can add an agreement that they need to sign. For example, if you have specific terms and conditions, they need to go through and agree to before they purchase the product, enabling that gives you this box. And you can also set it up to be signed before paying If your course is starting at a specific date, that is if you're selling a course, you can add that here. And then you have a few, you know, advanced settings here.
Let's go ahead and click create product. And once we click on create product, we have created our first product. And in here, you have a variety of different options. But for this is how it's gonna look for the member. And up here, you can see our new order form you put in your information in mail, demo, and in mail at simflaro dot com.
And if we do like this, we say we want to receive important use special offers gonna get taken to the billing information and the different prices is the most modern point price. Clicking on go to payment takes us even further and here we can choose what sort of payment method that we wanna use. So that is how you create a product in under 5 minutes. See you in the next video.

Products are what we're going to sell to our customers. A product could represent an eBook, a course, a coaching call, a retreat, etc. 

In this video, we show you how to create your first product. You can also check this step-by-step guide.


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