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Sharing Your Opt In Page on Facebook

Hi. In this video, I will show you the best practice you can use to share your link for your landing page on Facebook. So I've created a landing page in here. It's a sign up page where people can subscribe to a list. It looks like this, it's pretty simple.
And the first thing that I wanna do here is that I wanna go and edit the metadata for this page. This sounds a little bit complicated. It's really not. It just goes to settings. And then when you scroll down here, you can see that there is some stuff here called search engines and social.
So here I can put in some stuff. I can put in a middle image, and let me just choose the same photo as I used on the sign up page. And then here I wanna add short description. You're gonna write sign up and get these. If because this is a sign up page.
And here, I would just wanna say something great stuff. So let's see if this is a heading. And then go down here and save these changes. Once this is done, I can share the link on Facebook. But if I just go straight ahead and insert this URL, it might not fit the data that I just inserted here that, like, the meta image in the description.
So what I wanna do first I want to copy this link to the assignment page, then I want to go to a page called sharing Let me just see. It's called Facebook debugger. If you search for this, and then go to this first 1. It's called developers dot facebook dot com to step up. You go in here and you really just put this link here and hit step up.
It then says that the UL hasn't been shared on Facebook before. It doesn't matter you just hit fetch new information. And now Facebook will go and collect the information, and you can see that this is exactly what I put in Simpara. This is the image this is the heading, this is the description. And this is also why the description shouldn't be too long because because really not a lot of only like aligner 2 will show off the description.
So once this is done, I can I'm ready to share this link on Facebook. So let's say that I want to share this in the Facebook group. I can also share it on a Facebook page or my personal profile just go in here, create a post post and insert this link. You can see now that this is showing up And the really neat thing is that I can actually now delete this link. Maybe I don't think that that looks all that nice.
So I just wanna say check this out like this. And once I close this, people can click on this image and heading in instead of clicking on the URL, and that will take them to the site in Simpario. So that's really all there is to sharing your page your landing page link on your Facebook account.

Congratulations! This is the end of the Opt-in module in the Intro to Simplero course.

It’s time to go grow your list!


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