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Create An Autoresponder Series

So in Saint Laurent, you have the ability for people to sign for a list. And what can really be helpful is to have an auto response or an auto responder series that's set up to send automated emails to people, starting with a thinking message and continuing with checking in with them after they've subscribed to your list. Maybe this is because you have a lead magnet or you have granted them with access to content, something like that. So let's go ahead and get into how to create an auto response series inside Simparo to help you save some time. So let's go ahead and get into it.
So we can go ahead and click into the auto response tab here and then click add an auto response. So let's go ahead. The first 1, wanna say thank you for subscribing, and this will be sent out 0 days after sign up. This will be sent to everyone that set signs up to this list. We'll go ahead and click add.
And here we can see we just have the field for an email. I usually do is something like hi and then select first name. Right? Something like that. And we can save our changes.
And we can go ahead and activate it. So now, anyone that subscribes to this list will automatically get sent this email as soon as they subscribe. Now let's say you want to send a series of emails out. What we can do here is just add another 1. And maybe this could be, you know, day 2, send when.
And we can say 1 day after sign up. Right? And we can add whatever text that we need into the body of the email, activating this. And we can see here that now we have thanks for subscribing and YouTube. And let's say we want to say after after a week.
Right? So let's go ahead and say this is gonna be 7 days after. And so this is just a great way to set this up 1 time. Right? Each of these emails and this is going to be sent to all list subscribers.
It's a really great way to help save you time and also lease engagement for the emails that you're sending out for the list subscribers that are subscribing to each of these lists. So I hope this helps.

A great way to start engaging with your list is to set an auto-responses series as soon as someone joins your list. Learn all about auto-responsers and how to set them up on the help guide Auto-Responders.


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