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Hi there. In this video, I'm gonna introduce you to worksheets. Worked in simple, are very much like physical worksheets. That you would distribute in a meeting or in a coaching session or after an event. You will find them under content and you can just go to workshops here.
They are very easy to create and then very easy to check the results for. So I've created this example 1. So the way you would start creating is by going here on the right side and clicking on create new worksheet. I create an example 1 just to show you what it can look like. So here is a pre coaching work it.
So for example, there's questions like, what do you expect to gain from other coaching sessions? What are the 3 core values? So there are many as you can see. There are different types of answers that you can choose when you create them. So as an example, I'm gonna now add a section You you can choose a title, which is the big 1 that shows up here.
So For example, what do you want from our next session? You can add a body which is this little text here where you can specify or you might not wanna say anything. So in this case, I'm not gonna write anything. And then here, down here, you can choose the type of questions. So you can choose no question if you just wanna say other section without them having to answer, single line tags, multiline, then you can choose a list which is similar to what is in here, so where they can list different things.
Like, for example, what are your 3 core values in this case? You can choose radio buttons, which will show them many options to choose from. Checks boxes with same thing they can choose. More than 1 option, or you can choose file upload where it will ask your customer to upload a file. Of whatever you want to you want them to do.
So in this case, let's choose, for example, multiline and then we're gonna save that. So we have you you you would keep adding different sections, which are your different questions. And then after that, you can Here, you can copy the link to the worksheet, or you can open it. That's how it looks for them. So you can here, they have the different questions.
Right now, it's I already filled it before, so it's showing my previous responses. So if a person feels it, they get give them the option to either overwrite the answers or you can click here and they can start with a clean worksheet. This offers them the option, for example, if you have many coaching sessions where you need to keep feeling this worksheet, you can save their progress over time. So that's a good option. If you wanna do that, for example, then if we go back to the worksheet here, there's the content 1 and there's the response stop.
So if you go here, you could see all the responses you got from that worksheet and the stats. So here you've got an overview. At the minute, there's only 1, so you can only see that 1. How many answers they gave, created, updated, and then here, you can also see all the answers. So you can see it by question, and then all the answers below.
If you had more than 1 responder, you would see all the answers and you could explore that if you wanted to, like download it doesn't excel. If you prefer, sorted reorder anything you might you might wanna do. If you want a person, like, if you want someone to fill up your worksheet, you can Copy this here and share it with them. Copy this link. And then you can here, if you click the 3 dots, you can duplicate the worksheet or delete it.
Let's just check. I'm just gonna show you which settings it works it can have. So apart from the title of the work sheet, the internal name, the description that you can add. You can choose after submission, so after a person submits that worksheet, If you wanna show a confirmation page and you can choose the title and the body of that, or you can redirect them to a URL. For example, your website or anything you might wanna direct to.
You can notify via email when someone submit a response, so that might be useful if you want. Reply to them or you wanna know when someone's submitted. And then you've got other more advanced settings such as like, admitted, admitted data, or don't send login information when they submit a response, and we create a login for them. So you can create workshes that you share with people that are not in your system, that are not in your contact on your Simvera account yet. And use if you don't take that option when they submit the worksheet and they submit their email, simpler will automatically create a contact on your system for them.
If you take this if you don't take the option, they will receive a login email with their information. So if you don't want them to receive that email, you'll just turn this option on. Then, like, most of the things in Simpario, you can create triggers. So for example, you could say when someone submits a worksheet, send them an email or give them access to something. So maybe that worksheet is the end of 1 of your models or anything like that.
So and you wanna give them access to the next model, you could do it like that, or you could add a tag to everyone that's completed that worksheet. And there's like, everywhere in Sameer, there's a lot of options here, and you can add conditions. And that's mostly It's for worksheets.

Simplero's worksheets are a lot like physical worksheets you might distribute at an in-person workshop or course. We will guide you on how to create them, manage them, view results, and more!

You can also check hour How To Guides for a more detailed step-by-step explanation.


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