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Differences between Landing Pages, Membership Sites and the Main Website

So in this video, we're gonna be talking about the key differences between your main website, landing pages, and membership sites. So your main website is the primary website for your business. This is usually the site you want to set up first as it's connected to a variety of things inside your simplero account. As an example, it's connected to product order forms. Your product catalog, as well as events and worksheets.
So your main website is a publicly facing site. This is generally used as a marketing site where you're gonna be listing the details of your business, the products you have for sale, perhaps a blog, maybe an About Me Pay So this is usually the site that you want to set up first. Going back into your account, membership sites are very similar to your main website and that they are a website that you can design that is its own website. But the key difference between a main site and a membership site is that a membership site is a site that can be closed or locked acquiring people to log in in order to access it. This is usually where you're gonna put member specific content, courses, and maybe member specific forums.
A common setup would be to sell a product. And when people purchase the product, they get access to a membership site in the course content inside. The last thing is landing pages. So landing pages are standalone pages that are designed specifically to funnel traffic to 1 place for 1 specific thing. As an example, you could be running a campaign where you want people to sign up for a list.
It could be that you want them to see a special offer that you want them to purchase within a specific time frame. And landing pages can also be designed as custom Think Q pages as an example for list subscriptions or product purchases. Lending pages also have a few other features such as being able to use a custom domain with the Landing Page. And you can see here we also have the ability to set an expiration so that it can be expired at a specific time. And if buyer or not live anymore.
You can also have them redirect to a different site or URL. So that would be the key differences between your main website, landing pages, and membership sites.

Let's discuss the key differences between:

  • The main website
  • Membership sites
  • Landing pages

If you need more detail about each one of them, you can find out more in the other modules in this course. You can also check the modules on our help guides related to each one of these:


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