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Configuring Email Domains

Hi. It's Damon with Simplero Support. And in this video, I wanna show you how to configure a custom email domain so that you can send emails, system generated emails from that domain in Simplero. So what we're gonna do is go to settings, send her emails, and click on add email domain. And right away, you'll get the instructions of what you'll need to do.
So we'll need to add 3 TXT records and 3 c name records into the registrar's DNS. So wherever you've purchased this custom domain, you would find the DNS area and add these records. So the example I'm gonna do is a test site I called That's a domain that I have. I'm gonna add that domain.
And then you'll see the 6 records, the 3 TXT records, and the 3 c name records that I need to add to my site's DNS. And you'll find the DNS wherever you purchased this domain. So I've purchased with Google domains, but yours could be Bluehost. It could be GoDaddy. It could be a number of others.
But every single one will have a DNS. So I'm gonna click over to Google Domains, and I'm in the particular, find the DNS area, and I scroll down, and I find an area to add the custom records. So I am going to add all six of these records and I can copy from there and I want a TXT record. I want nothing in there and I want to paste that in there and add that one. That one is added.
We'll add the second one, which that gets copied in in that area, a TXT record. And then I copy that and paste that in there, add So you can see now we have a TXT record with the name of this and the data of that. And finally for the TXT record, I wanna copy that. Paste it in. We are adding a TXT record.
I want to copy that. And paste it in, add that. Great. Now all my TXT records are added. Now we'll do the same for the c name.
So now instead of selecting TXT, I select c name, copy that in there, copy this one. We'll get the next one. Copy that in there. I want a c name. Copy that.
Add that one. And finally, I want to get the last one I want a c name record, and then I wanna copy that. And paste it in here and add. Okay. So we've added all 6 necessary records 3 txt3 c name.
And as this note indicates, well, if I do check domain, 2 are verified and 3 are not yet verified. As this note indicates right here, it can take up to 24 hours for the records to update. So we'll come back in a second. Okay. We're back and you can see that all of the C name and TXT records are now verified.
And as a result, the athlete mob sender domain is verified and I'm ready to send emails. I can now send a sender email, Save the changes there, and that is going to send me an email to And if I click on that link, I'll be able to verify this email. So that is how you set up a custom domain to send emails, and we've done that all in under 5 minutes.
Good luck.

Important note! The Simplero dashboard has changed the navigation a bit. However, all the settings and the process to set up an email domain hasn't changed.

You can get to the Email settings through the Settings menu at the top right corner of your dashboard:

For a detailed step-by-step guide, visit Setup a Custom Email Domain.


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