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Setup Your Freebie Giveaway

1 of the most effective ways you can grow your list in simpler is to offer people something of value once they subscribe to your list. So let me show you how you can do this. I've created a list in here. I've called it a freebie list, but preferably you could call it something that actually contains the name of the freebie. So this could be 5 steps to get a better night sleep or whatever suits your business.
Once you've created this list, you can go to this tab, the content tab, and you can actually see that there's a heading here that says freebie content. And you can add anything that people should get for free here on this add content button. What this will do is that people who scribe to your list will go to a thank you page, and they will be able to see this content directly. So you can go in here and add the content. I've just added this PDF 3 week placeholder.
You can add all the content you want. It can also be audio files, videos, whatever you want. You can select it in here and you can choose multiple stuff. Once you have selected it, just go down and save those changes. And another place you can put this would be to add it in an auto response.
Because people who sign up, they go to a page, Thank you page, and they can immediately see this content. But probably, it would be nice for them also to have the link to this content in the future. So what you can do is you can go to auto response, add an auto response that says something like here's your gift or whatever you wanna call it, this should be sent out immediately. Add auto response. Then you can write some text here, maybe high first name, something else.
And then how you can add the file in here is you can attach file It's 1 of the ways you can do it. You can also go to your media library. Let me just open this in a new tab. Open your media library and then there's this 1. You can actually copy the URL for the media file and put it in the broadcast.
You can see, here's your gift like this, highlight it, and then choose this 1, hyperlink, which is link and you put in the URL like this and then you can even choose to have it display as a apple, insert. And what this does is that when people click this email, I can just show it say save changes. Then let's preview this in a browser. And once people click on this button, the content will automatically download. So this is a really neat simple way you can add your content, both under the auto response and under the content tab.
Just make sure that once you've made this auto response and it's done, you hit active and save changes. And once this is done, you should be able. Let me just refresh this screen. You can see that there's now a 1 under both auto responses and a 1 under content.

You got your list and your subscribers, now it’s time to set up a freebie giveaway or any sort of content. Check out all the options you have to share content with your list on the help guide Content.


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