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Setting Up a Newsletter Schedule

In Simparo, you have the option of setting up a newsletter, which would allow you to create an automatic schedule to reach out to your subscribers on a weekly or monthly basis. And here's how to do it. So first you want to go to marketing and then newsletters. So creating a newsletter, as mentioned, let you define a schedule and set set of recipients for sending your broadcasts. So basically, you can create a newsletter schedule where you wanna send out a newsletter every Friday and add broadcast to that schedule.
Then you would also get reminders that you also have the option of controlling when to get those reminders. To create and send out your newsletter. So let's jump into it. From the right hand side, you have the option of creating a new newsletter schedule. And straight away you're taking into the setup of your new newsletter.
You can call this 1 demo newsletter. Option as anything else in simpler to put in label, which can help you organize your features. Then for the schedule itself is the first option when we will be sending the email for this newsletter schedule. So you can choose what kind of schedule you want. So it's daily, weekly, or monthly.
And you can set it to repeat every 1 days or x amount of days. And when your next newsletter should be sent out at. So which year month date, hour, minute, and time as well? So for this purpose, we can choose weekly and I would say every Friday and here we can say repeat every 1 weeks. You can choose here.
I want the next 1 to go out this Friday, and I want it to go out at 12PM. After you've created your schedule, we can go down to newsletters where you're setting up for each settings for each newsletters. Here, you have the option of changing sender names, sender email and reply to email well as the template being used for this particular newsletter. Here you can change the subject line and you can also edit this for each individual newsletter. You can begin creating your content for the newsletter.
But again, you can edit this for each individual newsletter you will be creating for this schedule. Remind us. So for the reminder, we can choose here who we want to remind. And when the first reminder should be received by the person getting notified. So for this case, it's going to be 2 days in advance, 48 hours.
Second reminder, 24, 1 day before. And the final reminder, 4 hours before the news lit up. Should go out. In case you missed the deadline, you can also get a notice for that. So could be exactly when the newsletter should be sent out.
So, 3 hours after and you can have a second 1 as well, so 1 hour after. Once you have the settings you're happy with, then go ahead and create your new setup. After you've created newsletter you will be taken into the recipient section, meaning that who you want to send a newsletter to. So for this case, I wanted to go to this list. And this section is the same as with Broadcast.
We also exclude unengaged contracts. You can add specific conditions, only if the contact has a specific tag, for example, and so on and so on. So go ahead and save changes, and then you can see the recipients being calculated. So who is going to receive the the newsletter? Alright.
So once you have the recipients chosen, then you can go ahead and write a new slide. So here you're taking into the newsletter itself and where you can add the contents to your newsletter. And here again, you can change the subject if you need to. Go ahead and save that. And now you can see you have a completed newsletter.
And you can queue it or you can see here it's been added to queues on Friday as according to your newsletter schedule. If you head back here, you can see. So right now, it's in draft. So first, you wanna you know, when you've created it, you can also go back again. That's cute.
Now you can see that the q, you have it delivering Friday at 12PM in 4 days. And you can even choose to change it from here. Skip the next 1. And you can see when it was queued. So here from this, if we go back to the overview of newsletters, you can see the schedule here.
So from here, you can access it and create a following newsletter. So this 1 would be the next 1 going out. And here you can see automatically it's adding to the queue. So that will be next Friday according to our schedule. To that 1, and here you can see.
That you have the next 2 newsletters in your schedule lined up. So that's how the newsletter work. Thank you so much. Bye.

Newsletters Scheduler is a very powerful feature that will allow you stay on top of sending your content out to your readers.

Check out the Newsletters section in our help guides for more details.


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