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Import Contacts and Payment Methods from Stripe

Simplero has a tool that will enable you to move your current Stripe subscriptions into Simplero in a few simple steps!
  1. Navigate to your Contacts page and click on the three dots at the top right corner and click on Import from Stripe.

  2. You can either import all contacts with their payment methods or tell us which contacts by listing them on the box.

  3. We recommend running the import on the test mode first so you can confirm the numbers look righ.

  4. We’ll send you an email when the import has been completed. It takes just a few minutes!

  5. You can now select those contacts and create purchases with payment method using the ‘Select action’ dropdown.

  6. Choose product, price and next charge date. We will generate all purchases using the payment method imported from Stripe.

Make sure to cancel any other purchases that are no longer relevant to avoid overcharging your customers.


This works only with Stripe and only if you use the same Stripe account with Simplero as you did with your previous platform.