Migrating to Simplero

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Migrating your Contacts
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Migrating to Simplero- Lesson
Best practices for migrating your list
1. Pick a clean cut-over point Decide on a specific point in time where you'll do the switch. Once you export from the other system and move to Simplero, all emails to the list should be sent from Simplero. Why? Because when people go to unsubscribe in that other system, Simplero won't know about it, and so they'll still be getting emails via Simplero, and they'll get annoyed. Not good. It's also a good idea to tell your subscribers that you've switched systems and that if they've recently unsubscribed from one of the emails you've sent out previously, it may not have registered in the new system, so please unsubscribe again, and I'm sorry. 2. Export your subscriber data in CSV format CSV is a common interchange format. It stands for "comma-separated values". All systems should be able to export in CSV format. If not, ask them, or ask us. We have created a bunch of specific manuals for the "commonly used" platforms that our members migrate from. Have a look at the other lessons in this module. You will likely find your one. You will want to check what kind of information you have in the CSV file exported from your old program. Any information that you want to import to Simplero, you will have the option to select at the start of your import process.  Each column in the CSV file will give you the option, of whether it should be imported or discarded, and what it should be imported. 3. Create any contact fields you need in Simplero If you're exporting customer information other than name, email, and when they subscribed, you'll probably want to go to Settings > Contact fields and create the fields to hold that information in Simplero. 4. Create a list in Simplero for the import You can import to your main list, but generally, it's probably a good idea to import to a separate list. You can always copy them from that list to your main list, and that way you have a record of whom you imported together, and if you make a mistake, it's easy to correct it before bringing them into your main list. When you create the list it is best practice to, set it to not require double opt-in, and don't turn on any auto-responses or triggers for it unless you want these contacts to receive those.  That's one of the pitfalls with importing to an existing list. If you have double opt-in (which you should) and you forget to check the box that says "Skip confirmation - people have already given their permission", then we'll be sending an email to everyone you imported asking them to confirm their wish to subscribe. Similarly, if importing to a list that has an auto-response going out as soon as people subscribe, if you forget to check the box that says "Skip welcome email", then all your imported subscribers are going to get that email right away. 5. Import your list Go to your List, click "Import Contacts", and then choose "Upload a CSV file". Pick the CSV file you just downloaded, and click to move on to the next screen. The next screen is going to show you the columns in your CSV file (name, email, address, subscribed at, and whatever other information your other system exported). For each of the columns, choose which field you want to import it into in Simplero. It's not always going to be a 100% success rate getting all the data over, because their data format may not be compatible with ours. Once you give the go-ahead, the import will happen in the background, and you'll get an email with the results once it's completed. If something goes wrong You can always import again. If we already have a  given email address in our system, we're not going to add them again. We'll just update it with any new information in the import file, eg. a value for a new field you added. To get them on to another list If you want them copied over to your main newsletter list, go to that list, click Add subscribers again, and choose to copy from the list you just imported to. That's it. That's it! Happy mailing. I hope you'll be happy you've made the switch, and if there's anything we can do to serve, let us know.
Migrating your Content
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Migrating to Simplero- Lesson
Migrating your Blog
Do you have an existing Blog that you want to move over? Follow the steps below for an easy move. When you import your Blog into Simplero, we remember the path (aka the slug) from your old site and make sure that path works on your Simplero site as well. Once you set up your custom domain and publish the post, someone who clicks an old link will see the post in Simplero.  We support importing a blog from a file in XML (RSS) format. We have tested the import with the following providers: WordPress Squarespace Weebly Blogger Wix Joomla Other providers are untested but may work. Depending on the information in the file, we may import related information like categories, author information, and attached media. We recommend you review the data after you import it. If you import from the same blog site again, we will update any already imported information with the latest version. Export your Blog Sign into your existing Blog, and go to the "Dashboard"  Scroll down to the "Tools" menu on the left-hand side, near the bottom of the dashboard Choose the "Export" box from the list of options Choose the amount of content you want to export. Generally, you would choose All content. Click "Download Export File" this will create an "XML" file of your entire Blog on your computer. Import to your Simplero Site Select Site from your Simplero Dashboard Select the Blog tab Select Import from other site A screen will pop up where you can select the file you downloaded above Then click the "Upload and Import" button. Depending on the way the xml file was formatted by your previous site, there may be some ‘clean up’ to do to get your Simplero blog looking the way you want it to. Please review your new blog and make whatever changes you like.
Migrating your Stripe Subscriptions
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Contacts - SimpleroSupport's Simplero - 7 July 2022 3:08
Import Contacts and Payment Methods from Stripe
Import contacts from Stripe If you were handling your contacts subscriptions and payments outside of Simplero and would like to migrate those subscriptions to your Simplero account, Simplero has a tool that will enable you to move your current Stripe contacts data into Simplero in a few simple steps! Navigate to your Contacts page and click on the three dots at the top right corner and click on Import from Stripe. You can either import all contacts with their payment methods or tell us which contacts by listing them on the box. We recommend running the import on the test mode first so you can confirm the numbers look right. We’ll send you an email when the import has been completed. It takes just a few minutes! You can now select those contacts and create purchases with payment method using the ‘Select action’ dropdown. Choose product, price and next charge date. We will generate all purchases using the payment method imported from Stripe. Make sure to cancel any other purchases that are no longer relevant to avoid overcharging your customers. Done! Note! This works only with Stripe and only if you use the same Stripe account with Simplero as you did with your previous platform. Transferring your current Stripe account to a new Stripe account If you are planning on moving your current Stripe account to a new Stripe account, while you are already collecting payments through Simplero on your previous Stripe account, you’ll need to take the following steps: Contact Stripe to request they transfer your current contacts and their payment methods to the new Stripe account. Set up your new Stripe account on your Simplero > Payment Processors page Enable the new Stripe account and disable the old one. Go to your Simplero account > Contacts page. Click on the 3 dots at the top right > Import from Stripe… Make sure you pick the new Stripe account from the options listed in the dropdown. Once the import has been successfully completed, you can go and update the payment method in the purchase page: Click on Change method payment on the Summary section Pick the newest payment method that you have recently imported If you have a large number of purchases, reach out to the Simplero Support team for further assistance :) We’ll be happy to help!