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Import List from Constant Contact

If you're looking to export your list from Constant Contact and import into Simplero follow the easy steps below. 

  1. Log in to your Constant Contact
  2. Select the Contacts
  3. Select the Email Lists and select the list you want to export

  4. Check the box to select the contacts

  5. Then click on Export All. Another window will pop up, select the fields you want to export, then click Export Contacts

  6. You'll then see a link to download the CSV file, click on that

  7. Next, you'll receive an email from Constant Contact with your CSV file for download
  8. Download the file
  9. Log in to your Simplero admin account
    • Select Lists & Contacts from your Simplero Dashboard
    • From the Lists tabselect the List you want to add subscribers to
    • Select the + Add subscribers tab
    • Select the Import from CSV file tab,  locate the CSV file from your computer, and then click the Upload file button

    • Choose the columns. However, if you have a custom field to import, you must first add the custom field in your contacts
      • Select Lists & Contacts from your Simplero Dashboard
      • Select the Fields tab
      • Add the field
    • Now go back to your CSV upload process and then select the appropriate field option from the drop-down menu

    • Once you're happy with that, click the Star import button

That's all! 

You'll receive an email notification to confirm the import was successful. 

Now go have fun reaching out to your subscribers!