Import List from Clickfunnels

Note: Clickfunnels' user interface may have changed from the time we wrote this manual. If you see something different, email with screenshots and we’ll be super grateful!

If you're looking to export your list from Clickfunnels and import it into Simplero follow the easy steps below.

  1. Log in to your Clickfunnels account

  2. On the ClickFunnels dropdown menu, go to Contacts*

  3. Click on Download Contacts
  4. Go back to Simplero and follow the steps in this guide to add subscribers by uploading a CSV file.

*If you want to download a specific funnel. Navigate to the Funnel first and then navigate the contacts. 

That's all! 

You'll receive an email notification to confirm the import was successful. 

Now go have fun reaching out to your subscribers!