Snail Mail labels needed from contacts

I need to export contact info to make physical mailing labels. Has anyone done this? If so, how?

Nicole Warner

This was helpful to me today, too, as I have a mailing to send out. Thanks so much everyone!

Kristina Cummings STAFF

What Tue said above, Greg! You can select the columns you want to download by pressing the "Choose and reorder columns" icon on the Purchases table:

Tue Olesen

I do exports to .xlsx files from the Purchases table on a product where people add their address in the contact form. 

To get the right info out, and not a lot of extra/irrelevant info, i set up a custom list view with the specific columns i need:

Purchase ID

The spreadsheet forms the basis for ordering mailing labels - it goes into  - that way it is possible to run batches of mailing labels quite easily.