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Justine Weir STAFF

Upcoming Free Calls!

Happy Saturday!
We have 2 Free Q & As available this week:

Monday April 22nd at 4:00pm EST
Thursday April 25th at 7:00am EST

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George Kao

Notifications here in Simplero Community

I was surprised that I randomly found a comment on a thread I started, because I never received an email notification about it.

In the current setup of notifications, is there a way to set it so that I get notified by email if someone replies to one of my threads?

Or more importantly-- if someone mentions me?

Thank you 😊

Andreas Hansen

Will this community be more visual?

I love that Simplero is so keen on making things visual. However, this community feature isn't yet very visual.

Yes, you can add images and stuff, but they do no appear on top of the post as on Facebook and most other communities I use like Skool, Group.App, etc.

Will this come to the community - and if so, when?  

George Kao

Envisioning a simple way to create course chatbot

  1. For those of us that have the Transcript feature, might it be easy-ish for Simplero to create a document of all transcripts from a course's videos, segmented by module and lesson...

  2. Then feed that into a chatbot for processing

  3. Then allow students to chat with the bot to learn about the course, and which lesson/module to go for more info/human discussion? 🤔

Nicole Warner

Who are your mentors/peer support groups?

If you're specifically a solopreneur, who do you look to for mentorship? And how did you find peer support groups? Where do you find support for you as a business owner?

I've been on the lookout for either a mentor or a peer support group for a while, both for the peer aspect, as well as for new information and ideas; it needs to be realistic, cost-effective, and constructive, and I'd love to hear about what you've found.

Justine Weir STAFF

Upcoming Free Calls ❤️

Happy Saturday! 
We have two free Q&As this week:
Monday April 15th at 4:00pm EST with Sausha
Thursday April 18th at 7:00am EST with Me 

We also have a free workshop this week:
Mastering Automations and Drip-Release with Olga

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George Kao

How's the new Community feature coming along... ready for prime time? 😊

Hi All,

How's your experience with this new Community feature thus far... do you feel it's ready to be used... with few/no bugs? 😅

Justine Weir STAFF

Upcoming Free Calls ☎️

Happy Saturday!! 💐

This week we have 2 Free Q & As available:

Monday April 8th at 4:00pm EST with Sausha

Thursday April 11th at 7:00am EST with Me

You can sign up for them here: 

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Siif Floor

Mostly for the Simplero team 😃

It would be awesome to have a link to the feature requests in the left sidebar here in the community 😍


Robert Gillette 🌟

Can I talk to some references?

I've pretty much decided to use Simplero, and the last step is to have a conversation with a couple people that have been using the platform for more than a year. Is anybody willing to jump on a zoom call to show me how you use it, and talk about your experiences?

For context, we are a 1-to-1 coaching practice that is trying to grow into a 1-to-many company. We deal with a lot of executives, and high-performing sales people. They have a low tolerance for friction, and often move so fast they have a hard time following even clearly laid out instructions. 

Torill Fjæran-Granum

Member directory

I cannot fint the member directory here anymore? Is it gone?

Tue Olesen

PDFs as resources in the new membership site course layout

Are there any plans to support expanded PDFs in the new course layout on membership sites?

The old style allows PDFs to show up expanded and readable, and offer a download link. The new course layout doesn't currently show PDFs expanded.

Stephen Hutson

Changing paid products with automation

Is there a way to switch somebody to a different paid product and charge them through automation? 

Here's what I mean:

I'm starting to sell a coaching offer where the client pays an up-front deposit to build out their marketing strategy and cover their first month of coaching. Once their plan is completed and they approve it, we move into a monthly payment for ongoing coaching. 

What's the best way to set that up? I currently have a subscription product with two periods - one is the initial deposit…

Ali Ryder

Paid Scheduling Links

I'm wondering if anyone can give me some advice about what works best for something. I'm trying out a new product. Basically, it's an on-demand training/one-on-one coaching thing, with a specific curriculum. Like, want to be trained on X? It's 2 hours and $150 or whatever, and use this scheduling link to schedule it. One important part about it is there is a set curriculum, so people would want information about what "it" is before booking.

Here's the question, because we're getting very nitty-…

Tue Olesen

Shareable Journal

I'm working on a membership site where members should be able to write a personal journal of their training/experiences. The format of the journal should be quite "free" but possibly enforce basic stuff like a date for every new note. Ideally, the journal would be searchable and include the possibility to insert images.

I'd then like people to be able to share a read-only link to their journal for others (also non-simplero-users) to see.

I'm considering using a worksheet and then letting users wri…

Justine Weir STAFF

Upcoming Calls ❤️

Happy Saturday 🐰
We have Two Free Q & A live workshops this week:
Monday April 1st at 4:00pm EST with Sausha
Thursday April 4th at 7:00am EST with me

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Calvin Correli STAFF


Go introduce yourself in this thread.

Would love to hear from everyone1

Pumped for the new community stuff in Simplero!


Calvin Correli STAFF

Two things...

Hey @Everyone

Two things:

Number one: This is our new community AND our new community feature.

Come check it out and play around with it.

Go introduce yourself on the thread below.

Number two: The testimonial contest is still on.

Pull out your phone. Record a 90 second video sharing your love of Simplero. And you may win some INCREDIBLE PRIZES.

And you'll definitely win my eternal gratitude and some really great karma that you can take with you into the next life. Maybe. We'll see. I'm no God, just speculating.

Details here.

Love ya!


Justine Weir STAFF

Upcoming Free Calls ❤️

Happy Saturday!
We have two free Q & As this week❤️
Monday March 25th at 4:00pm EST with Sausha
Thursday March 28th at 7:00am EST with Me

Sign up here:
See you there! 💐

louise sellebjerg

Downloading MP3 Files in Simplero

Any "how to" guide to download mp3 files in Simplero?

Denise Ricard

Hello from Denise

Hello Calvin, Simplero team and family - thank you for this community thread - I'm pretty new with Simplero and glad to have a place to share ideas, network and get updates! 🎉

Justine Weir STAFF

Upcoming Free Calls 💃

Happy Saturday, folks!

We have two free live Q & A sessions available this week:

Monday March 18th at 4:00 pm EST with Sausha

Thursday March 21st at 7:00 am EST with Me

You can register for those here: 

We're also hosting the 3 Steps to $10K Challenge this week which kicks off Monday with live sessions starting on Tuesday. You can register for it here: 

See you there! 💐

Jane Jackson

The new Forum look?

Is this what our Forums will look like in future?  What do we need to do to activate this for our members?

Nicole Warner

Question: Does this replace the features request board we've been using?

I'd much appreciate knowing how this new community functions within the world of Simplero.

Will this community now replace the Facebook group? (Please, please say yes.)

Will this community replace the features request board?

In short: what goes where?

George Kao

2 different notifications pages?

I've been receiving an email notification for every post in this forum even though (I thought) I had put it as "staff only"... then I realized there are 2 different notification pages:

  1. When I click on the bell icon here in the forum, it brings me to this one:

  2. But when I go to one of those emails and at the bottom, I click "manage notifications" I get this page:

...and those two have different settings.  The second one has been receiving all member posts.

A bug? :)

Peter Olesen Sivebaek

Front end/Customer side

Will all Front End text like e.g. menu items be in English language or can I translate it to Danish?