Ali Ryder

Paid Scheduling Links

I'm wondering if anyone can give me some advice about what works best for something. I'm trying out a new product. Basically, it's an on-demand training/one-on-one coaching thing, with a specific curriculum. Like, want to be trained on X? It's 2 hours and $150 or whatever, and use this scheduling link to schedule it. One important part about it is there is a set curriculum, so people would want information about what "it" is before booking.

Here's the question, because we're getting very nitty-gritty. I have a product that people can purchase. And I need to advertise that this thing exists, so it makes sense to use something like a featured products block, a sales page for the product, the catalog... basically all of the infrastructure that Simplero has to promote products. So option 1 is I direct people to all of the product-related infrastructure, get them to buy the product first, and then after purchase send out an email with a link to the scheduler, or redirect after purchase to the scheduler, or whatever. But on the other hand, I can't use that to prevent them from, say, forwarding the link to a friend or having them sign up more than once. This probably won't be a problem, per se, but I want to make this as smooth as possible.

There's also obviously a scheduling link, and you can collect payment for using the scheduling link. So option 2 is I direct people to the scheduling link, and get them to use the scheduling link first, and then use the built-in "collect payment" option to link it to the product. So they schedule the training, then basically complete the check-out. But the problem with this is there isn't any advertising that supports a scheduling link. No blocks on a page that let me showcase the available scheduling links. I'd have to do it all manually, which is okay, but I mean the products infrastructure is designed for this.

In either case, it's a little annoying that you basically have to register twice. Enter your name and email address for the product, and also enter your name and address for the scheduling link.

Option 3 is to have them buy the product first, then issue a credit. Then they can use the scheduling link, which collect payment of the issued credit. This method combines the sales features of the product, with the gatekeeping aspect of the scheduling link "collect payment," BUT it has the big drawback that they need to basically register THREE times, not two.

I've tried playing around with secret prices, but that doesn't help.

Any advice out there? Has anyone got a setup that works well?

Tue Olesen

A setup that i often use is to create a placeholder-product that is visible in the shop, and then under Selling configuration for the placeholder, set max number of participants to 0 so it is essentially sold out, and set a link to a desired landing page / sign up form / scheduling link.

Then when the users click the product from the webshop, they are immediately redirected to the link that you set.

The only purpose of the placeholder product is to make the entry of your booking funnel visible in the product catalog. Then, you need a different product to send the customer to for payment, after they've scheduled the appointment. 

So the flow would be:
Click placeholder product -> Schedule meeting -> Pay for coaching -> confirmation page/emails

Merete Stenner

@Tue Olesen great, that was my idea as well, saved me the time testing it :)

Ali Ryder

@Tue Olesen This is exactly the kind of advice I was looking for! Great idea!