Tue Olesen

Shareable Journal

I'm working on a membership site where members should be able to write a personal journal of their training/experiences. The format of the journal should be quite "free" but possibly enforce basic stuff like a date for every new note. Ideally, the journal would be searchable and include the possibility to insert images.

I'd then like people to be able to share a read-only link to their journal for others (also non-simplero-users) to see.

I'm considering using a worksheet and then letting users write their notes as entries in the comment thread, but i guess they lack the ability to share a read-only link.

Have anyone solve that in a well-functioning way? Using external software that integrates with Simplero IS a possibility if it can work seamlessly.

Siif Floor

Interesting idea. Maybe post a link to this thread in the Simplero facebook group, so get more people to see your post here :) 

Tue Olesen

No ideas? Anyone?

I'll go and create a feature request for it, feel free to vote if you think it is a relevant idea to have some sort of journaling with private/public sharing options for your customers / membership site members: 

Vote her: