Stephen Hutson

Changing paid products with automation

Is there a way to switch somebody to a different paid product and charge them through automation? 

Here's what I mean:

I'm starting to sell a coaching offer where the client pays an up-front deposit to build out their marketing strategy and cover their first month of coaching. Once their plan is completed and they approve it, we move into a monthly payment for ongoing coaching. 

What's the best way to set that up? I currently have a subscription product with two periods - one is the initial deposit, which goes for 1 month, and then it switches to the monthly cost and repeats until they cancel.

 What I'd like to happen is:
- Client pays initial deposit.
- Automation starts
- Once tag "plan approved" is applied, start 1 month countdown, then switch to monthly coach product/cost.

Thoughts? Am I overthinking it?

Olga Maso Garriga STAFF

@Stephen Hutson you can do that using an automation with the step "Add paid purchase to a product Price". You could add a trigger to start the automation when the "plan approved" tag is added. Feel free to open a ticket with us if you can't figure out how to do it. :)

Tue Olesen

Could it be on the same product, and then just switch them over to a different price?
Initial deposit = one month subscription then close access.
Ongoing coaching = price that repeats monthly subscription until cancelled.

The switch from one price to another probably has to be done manually, but is quite easy to do in the purchase settings for each customer. 

Keeping them on the same product might make it simpler than involving automations

Stephen Hutson

@Tue Olesen This is a good thought, thanks for bringing it up. I hadn't thought of that.