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Go introduce yourself in this thread.

Would love to hear from everyone1

Pumped for the new community stuff in Simplero!


Stephen Hutson

Hi friends –

I'm a marketer and copywriter who started using Simplero in 2017 (I think?) to create courses and a community teaching marketing to Montessori school owners (

Now, I have my own freelance marketing/copy business at helping course creators like you all grow your businesses. I've worked with folks like Pat Flynn, Ian Morgan Cron, Homesteading Family, and more.

I also worked on the marketing team at Simplero from 2018 - 2020.

I'm an ex-certified StoryBrand Guide.

No matter how many new platforms pop up (hi Skool) I keep coming back to Simplero. Everything just works. The number of times I've thought, "I wish I could just _______" and then found Simplero could do exactly what I wanted, is outrageous. Easily the most flexible and useful software for creators right now. 

And did I mention how fast it is? Other platforms just feel aggravatingly slow now. So thanks for that @Calvin Correli and team, lol.

Currently living in Nashville, TN USA with my wife and 2 year old son. 

Fun fact - I have a percussion performance degree and briefly performed with the Blue Man Group. #baldandblue

Layla McGlone

I've been using Simplero since 2015 and it has enabled me to host everything from online health and life coaching courses ; to promoting high end destination retreats; and since 2019 I've been focusing on serving the construction industry. I've watched Simplero go from super basic,.to done for you services.  I recognize I still only use part of its full capabilities. 

Ida Andersen Lang

Hey there! Been using Simplero since 2018 and loving it! would LOVE to move my communication community to Simplero to, off of facebook. Looking forward to test this community and hope it will be awesome :D

Jelena Virijevic

@Ida Andersen Lang SAME! very excited for the community feature

Ingrid Lill

Hello everybody! I started on Simplero with one little drawing course in 2019 which has slowly and steadily evolved into my Visual Minds Membership, all about visual thinking for business.

I drew my Simplero story in my Big Idea SketchCast with @Calvin Correli

I noticed that uploading images in this new forum is a problem —images get duplicated and sometimes disappear. I hope we can use it for "homework drawings" in my course when it is fixed. So far, we're using Padlet. I'd love to stay in Simplero.

Alfarr Kruse

Hello fellow Simpletons...

I am a happy Simplero user since a couple of years. I came from a dirt cheap CRM solution that supposedly did it all but nothing worked. - to Simplero that did way less, but does it really really well. I am very happy to see the platform adding exciting features like this new community forum thingy. Good stuff.

Trying to add a photo to my post... that did not work - it just keeps spinning and trying to upload it. What gives?

Annette Langdahl

Hello everyone. I'm Annette from the organisation Forum for Dignified Nursing and Care in Denmark, and we've been using Simplero for almost 3 years - for online courses in stress prevention and as a supportive course platform for courses in Spiritual care, webinars, and a whole lot more."

Lisa Yee-Litzenberg

Hi Everyone, so fun to read about everyone's businesses. I am just getting started setting up in Simplero (taking a recommendation for this software from the amazing George Kao). I am a green career coach helping people get jobs to save our planet! My business is Green Career Advisor. I am switching to Simplero because I will be creating and selling online courses in the near future. I am thinking of hiring a Simplero consultant to help me get things set up because I am so busy.

I also just opened an Online Bookshop for Green + Social Impact Careers + Environment/ Nature (that will benefit local bookshops).

Marianne Tansley

Hello from Australia!

I've been a Simplero user since late 2021, and use it to run my website, digital product shop, courses and memberships for Microsoft 365 training and support (Thrive Admin Services). 

I love being able to have a single place for most of my digital work in my business, and that I can easily create on-brand landing pages and emails.

Looking forward to being able to open up this new feature in my own memberships, and build a stronger sense of community with my members!

Shaunna Richards

Hi everyone, I'm Shaunna and I run a scrapbooking business called Passionate About Pages.  I've been using Simplero for a little over 2 years to host online workshops teaching creative design techniques, storytelling in photo albums and photo organisation.  I have an active in person community as well as a membership within Simplero and many standalone mini courses.  

I've found it so useful to give my customers the option to attend the same class in person or online.  As a result of offering the online option my business has flourished.  I'm excited for this Community feature as one of the things my 20+ years in business has shown me is that scrapbookers are people people and love sharing stories with each other.

Erin Keam

Kia ora! Erin, here - a Kiwi living in Seattle. I had the privilege of interviewing Calvin a few years ago, and am still blown away with his generous heart. Lovely to meet you all! I help people who are addicted to compulsive spending. 

Megan Meyers

Wow! I love learning about everyone's businesses- inspiring! And I LOVE this new community experience. 👏

As a former dance studio owner I combined my passion for dance, marketing, and systems and created a magical children's dance program called Princess Ballerinas. For the past 9 years, thanks to Simplero (and Facebook ads!) I've been able to share the program with thousands of studios around the world with joy and ease. 

I'm excited to see how things develop with this new community! 💖🎉

Marissa Loewen

Hello! I've been on Simplero forever but really have been expanding what we use it for when we launched Create the Rules Catalyst - a full service live Done-WITH-You business support system for impact-driven business owners. 

We are excited to use more of the new features - thanks to the whole team for all the good work you do helping us building impact in the world. 

Laura Grubb


I'm so excited for this community feature so I have to try it out by making a comment 😀

I run an online hormonal yoga community on Simplero, and I'm really excited for the community feature to create more engagement with my members and to simplify my product by not having the community part on facebook. Can't wait for the launch to all our membership sites :D

Keri Nola

Hey all! I've been in the Simplero family since I began retiring from a brick and mortar psychotherapy practice and transitioned into full time mentoring of therapists, coaches and healers online back in 2014. Happy 10 year Simplero-anniversary to me! Grateful to Calvin and the team that continues to evolve this platform in ways that help me and business grow and continue to serve. Delighted to be here with all of you!

Cyndi ENAC

Cyndi here on Team Shivan. We, Shivan Sarna's team at, switched to Simplero in August of 2017. We have over 100 products in Simplero (Masterclasses, Courses, Summits, etc). We have 10 membership sites and thousands of landing pages. We have 44 Affiliate Programs with 300+ affiliates. 

We love that new features roll out regularly to give us what we did not even know we needed and many that were voted for in the feature request within Simplero. 

We are looking forward to the new community features allowing us to create more intimate group conversations off social media... we will run both of course.

So happy to see everyone successfully sharing your genius with the world!