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Do Not Contact and Bounced Emails

How "Do Not Contact" works

Customers can choose to ask us not to contact us again. It's like a "kill-switch" for all communications, whether for lists, products, affiliate programs or anything else, and whether via broadcast, auto-response or text message.

  • It doesn't include transactional emails like invoices, password resets, etc., but it does cover all broadcasts, emails, and support ticket emails. 
  • It doesn't actually unsubscribe people from anything. It just stops all the emails and texts
  • If they choose to undo it and switch back to "Do Contact", all their subscriptions will be intact as they left them before, and emails and texts will pick back up.

The reason we need this feature is both because it makes it easier for people to unsubscribe in one go if they're on multiple lists, products, etc. and you're sending to multiple lists, products, etc. It is also because as we add tagging and segmentation, this will effectively be the only way for people to opt out.

Why does my contact show as Do not contact?

Do not contact will be turned on when:

  • A contact is unsubscribing and choose to never be contacted again
    Do not contact.png
  • If the email you send to the contact keeps bouncing or has a hard bounce. You can see that in Emails sent in the contact information page
    Do not contact 1.png
  • If you chose to turn it on manually for the contact
    Do not contact 2.png
  • If the contact has been set to Do not contact by mistake, you can simply click the button in your contacts information page and set it to Off

Why are my emails bouncing?

The bounce rate varies for each business, their industry, frequency of sending broadcasts, source of the contacts, and likely many other factors

A regular/soft "bounce" is not automatically unsubscribed. Intentionally. A "soft" bounce indicates that this status is temporary. And could mean that their inbox is full or temporarily unavailable. This can happen even if the users have received emails frequently over time previously and obtained the email. 

We only unsubscribe when it's a "hard" bounce. A "hard" bounce usually means: 
  • Recipient email address doesn't exist.
  • Domain name doesn't exist.
  • Recipient email server has completely blocked delivery.

How to see, why the contact has Do not contact turned on

  1. Go to your List & contacts > Contacts here 
  2. Click on the name of the contact to go to the Contact information page
  3. Scroll down and go through Emails sent and activities for more information
Last updated 7 May 2019.