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Bounced Emails

Updated on 2 Jun 2023

Why are my emails bouncing?

The bounce rate varies for each business, their industry, frequency of sending broadcasts, source of the contacts, and likely many other factors

A regular/soft "bounce" is not automatically unsubscribed. Intentionally. A "soft" bounce indicates that this status is temporary. And could mean that their inbox is full or temporarily unavailable. This can happen even if the users have previously received emails frequently over time and obtained the email. 

We only unsubscribe when it's a "hard" bounce. A "hard" bounce usually means: 

  • The recipient's email address doesn't exist.

  • The domain name doesn't exist.

  • The recipient's email server has completely blocked delivery.

What about when the broadcast bounce?

If an email to a contact bounces for temporary reasons (connection errors, full inbox, domain setup), we will let you know they did on the broadcast and contact records but we won't unsubscribe them from your list.

If, on the other hand, we record a hard-bounce (the email doesn't exist or the domain is invalid), while the contact will remain subscribed to your list, it will be excluded from the mailing list until the Bounce status is resolved.

When a contact has bounced for 3 consecutive times, we will also mark the contact as bounced and will be excluded from all mailing lists.

We recommend keeping your lists clean of Hard bounces. To do so, filter Contacts on your contacts table by "Email Bounced":

If the contact has been able to restore their email and is now valid, Reset the bounce flag on the contact record:

Otherwise, unsubscribe from all lists or delete if applicable.