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Taxes on Multiple Currency Products

Updated on 6 Sep 2022

Are you offering multiple currencies and unsure how the tax will be charged?

  1. You will set up your price as normal and select the currency for each price option
  2. Then you will want to go to your Tax settings...
    • Select Settings from your Simplero Dashboard
    • Select the Taxes tab
    • Set your Home country and enter the Tax percent when editing and showing prices (If you are unsure what tax rate is being charged you can scroll to the bottom and see a listing of all countries and Tax Rates and even add a new one if needed. )
    • Select your Tax strategy - If you use the Simple tax option highlighted here, Simplero will determine the tax based on your client's location. So if they are in the US it will charge the US currency and tax and if they are in Canada it will charge the Canadian dollar and tax rate. 

    • Click the Save changes button