Merging Multiple Simplero IDs

Updated on 21 Sep 2023

With Simplero, everything is tied to your Simplero ID or your login.

Each person has their own login. As an administrator on your account, you can give access to other people by inviting them, rather than sharing your Simplero ID and password.

Sharing passwords is not only horribly insecure in itself, but it also prevents you from implementing additional security measures like two-factor authentication, which we support, and it prevents you from seeing who took a given action if something weird is going on.

It also forces you to continuously log out and back in and sometimes you end up doing something while logged in as the wrong user.  All a needless complication and hassle. We like to keep it simple :)

It also makes it harder for us to serve you properly because now we don't know who we're talking to. Instead of getting to know you better and better over time, and being able to serve you in a personalized way, we get more and more confused as someone who seems to be person A is really person B, C, and D.

So our strong recommendation is that you use one Simplero ID for everything you do with Simplero, and simply get permission to the things you need access to as you need it, using the same Simplero ID.

To Merge Simplero IDS

  1. Go to your Simplero account profile - You can also find this on the top right corner of your site. 

  2. On the left-hand side menu, select Have multiple Simplero IDs?

  3. Enter email addresses or Simplero IDs you may have used

  4. Click the Send confirmation email button

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