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Alright. So for this video, we're gonna look at email templates, which basically are the signs that you can use when sending emails. And for each email that you send out, broadcast auto response or automation email, you will be adding the content to the template before it gets sent. Template is how you how your consent is presented. So you find the option under your account settings and email to sites.
You can create your templates based on our own built in designs or you can make your own from scratch using your own HTML using our templating language. So let's take a look at this 1. So this is basically how the design looks and the options that you have. We've got 1 step back You can see this is the overview of Oreo email templates. You can see your starred 1.
So this is the default being used. You can create a new broadcast using this to sign. You can duplicate it. You can preview it or you can even delete it. So let's go ahead and add on the sign.
So you can see here that email templates are the signs that you can use when sending emails as mentioned. And you can see we have paste on 2 templates. So you have simple or plain to create your design on. So we believe and data also shows that simple text based template designs convert at a much higher level. And these 2 designs reflect just that.
You also have the option of creating a new template, but we'll dive into that later. So let's take a look at this 1. So inside, you have some options. Let's call this 1 demo template. And you can see again here it's based under the sign of simple.
You can also change it here to plain. You can choose a head image, and here you'll see the details on our recommendations regarding that. But you can choose any image from your media library. And you can also link the header image to a different URL. Here you have some options regarding the body text.
You can choose font, size, line height, text color, link color, and also for the photo. Shipian specific phototax color, background color, tree header and legal phototax color, and background color. And you would be able to see it reflected in here when you make any changes. So for example, if we change the link color, you'll see it reflected here in the preview on the right hand side. And with the style, you even have the option, if you know, and can use custom CSS.
You can add it down here if needed. So when you're happy with your changes, you have the option of saying save changes, save and continue editing. And you can also preview the changes in a new window to see how exactly the email is going to look. Once you're done editing, we can also go back here to the overview. But let's say that you're not entirely happy with to the sign options.
You also have the option of creating your own So if we just go back to overview here, you can add a sign again, and you can create a new template from scratch in HTML. So here you will be pryder with the current HTML code that you can go in and edit if you know HTML coding. And you have everything here, then you can go in and edit and add to if needed. But once you're done with your templates and have the 1 that you want, you can even see here broadcast using this to sign library emails using this design exactly. But the 1 that we have created was the demo template down here.
So you can see if we wanna go in and write a broadcast using it. You can hit a watch a marketing email broadcast, create a new broadcast, and here you can even see the frequently use the signs, but also the 1 that we have created if you want to use that 1.

Save time writing emails by creating Email templates that you can choose from when creating any sort of email broadcast, newsletter, or auto-response.

To know more about Email design settings, take a look at the help guide Email Template Design.


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