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Building a website page with Simplero's page builder

This is a comprehensive video on how to use Simplero's page builder. The goal of this video is to empower you to create and edit your own pages so you can rapidly create campaigns for your marketing funnels without waiting around for a web designer or developer. We've included a table of contents below so you see what's included in the video.

Table of Contents

  • [00:00 – 7:00 ] Introduction
    • Editing Existing Pages on your Marketing Site
    • Landing Pages vs. Website Pages
    • Themes
  • [7:00 – ] The Page Builder
    • Adding a new page
    • Page Settings
    • Adding and Editing Page Sections
    • The Text Section
    • The Text & Media Section
    • The List Signup Section
    • The Features Section
    • Saving Sections as Templates

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