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Quick word from the Simplero CEO - Calvin!

Hey, my name is Calvin Correlli. I just wanna say a warm welcome to the intro to Simparo course. So I created some plural just for you to make your life as easy as possible. Let's face it with creating an online business, there is plenty of moving parts. There is enough things to learn from, like, marketing techniques and storytelling and selling and, you know, how to deliver your course and all these things, as well as, like, all the inner stuff, like, oh, you know, can I do this and and and, like, who am I and, like, whatever whatever your version of, like, not good enough or not enough kinda is, like, there's enough stuff to overcome?
And so when I started out in this type of business, there's, like, I used 1 system from my website and another from my email marketing and another from membership sites and video hosting and all that stuff. It was just so complicated. And I was just felt like it I got so tired of all that nonsense. I just wanted to get to building my business and doing the things that I needed to do. And so I was like, should be this should be easier, so I created a system to make it easier.
I created simple to give you everything you need for your online information business in 1 place from your website, your email marketing, to your getting paid, to automations, to membership sites, and video hosting, and affiliate pages, and landing pages, all that stuff. Everything in 1 piece. Now, it wasn't always easy creating that. Like, there are moments where I was like, oh, shit. Is this gonna be like, is this ever going, but it didn't work out.
And it's it's made life easier for so many many people. And it means that you can just, like, you get an idea and you can just go in there and just execute on and do it. And then in 2 days, you've made, you know, a bunch of monies from some great idea you had over the weekend. So That's what Simparo does for you. Now with everything, there's a learning curve.
So you you have to learn how to do it and at first you meal may feel like you really suck at it. Right? When I when I started cooking years ago, all I knew how to do was was fry a sausage and and boil some potatoes and then pork ketchup on it. That was, like, the extent of my cooking. My roommate would would look at me and be like, oh my god, Galen.
You're gonna die from this diet. Like, it's so unhealthy. But honestly, it was like what I knew how to do. But later, I decided that I was gonna learn how to cook. We we had our kid and I was like, you know what, I gotta take on more chores.
Let me take on the cooking. And I did. And I cooked for for our family every single night. 7 days a week I cooked. And in the beginning, I really sucked now.
Like, buy all these, like, recipes and look at those and put them together. And sometimes I'd, like, make something and just completely burn it. I'd have to throw it out and we didn't have anymore. So I'd have to run to the store and or we have to order pizza or whatever just to kinda, like, get some food on the table because that was pretty bad. But by sticking with it consistently and cooking every night for for a while, you know, today, people say that my place is the best place to eat in all of New York City.
I don't think they're they're it's entirely true. But I've gotten really darn good at cooking and all I did was just stay at it. Right? So that's my message to you. If anything seems a little confusing in the beginning or just like it seems like it's it's a lot, just stick with it 1 day at a time.
We've made it as simple as we know how to make it from a technology standpoint so that you just have to, like, learn a few things and gonna figure out how everything fits together. And then soon you'll be on your way, and you can focus entirely on the stuff that really matters, which is how to deeply connect with your customers, how to really live your life purpose, how to overcome whatever internal or external barriers that you're facing to really go out and delivering that value into the world that you're here to give. Okay? So that's what that's what's in front of you. And I encourage you to just Go at it, man.
Go at it every day of the week. Just head it, go in there and learn something new and pretty soon you'll be a freaking ninja. I I love you. Thank you very much for being here. I'll see you.


 Words of wisdom and inspiration from Simplero CEO Calvin Correli.

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Beata Maslanka

Thank you for the encouragement Calvin!

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Emma James

Thanks Calvin, great intro, was just what I needed to hear!

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