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Auto-publishing: A Visual Representation

The Auto-Publish House

One way to understand how auto-publishing works is by using the analogy of a house. 

  • Your membership site is the house
  • Your course is a room in the house
  • The modules in the course are a closet inside a room
  • The lessons in the modules are a lockable box in the closet


Auto-publish house.jpg

When you make something auto-published, what you are doing is locking the door to that thing. 

When you lock the door to something, you have to give someone the key in order for them to access it.

  • They must also have the key to everything that comes before it, in order to access it. 

For example, if you give someone a key to a closet (a module in your course), but you haven't given them the key to the room it's in (the course itself), then they still can't access the closet (aka the module). 

Or if you give someone the key to the closet and the lockable box, but the door to the house and the room are locked and you don't have the key, then good luck getting to the box! 

So make sure that they are being given the "keys" to everything they need, which you give them through either triggers, automations, auto-responses, directly, or by putting it in the "content" of a product. See this guide for how to release access.


It's unnecessary for you to 'lock the doors' and auto-publish something if it's already locked inside something else that you want people to access at the same time.

  • For example, if you want to release the modules of a course once a week, and want the person to also get access to all of the lessons in that module at the same time, then you would not need to auto-publish the lessons. Set them to published. The 'lock' on the module is protecting the lessons from being accessed so there's no point in auto-publishing them.
  • If you did auto-publish them, then you'd need to give out the individual keys for all of those lesson 'boxes'. You can do that, but it's a lot easier to just make them published.

In other words, if you want people to access everything in a membership site once you give them the key to the membership site, then set the membership site to auto-publish, and everything else within it to published. 

If you want people to access everything within a course once you give them access to the course, set the course to auto-published, and the modules and lessons to published. 


Last updated 26 Apr 2019.