Integrating Simplero with Your Website

There are really only two touchpoints between Simplero and your website.

Email List Opt-In

One is where people opt in for your email list. For this, we'll provide you with some code that you can copy-paste into your website. It'll be pretty generic code, so you can easily have your web designer style it any way they want.

You find the code under Lists > Your newsletter > Signup forms > Default embedded signup form.

Sales Pages

If you have sales pages for your products on your website, then you'll want to add a link or a graphic button for people to buy your product or "add to cart" as it's sometimes called.

For this, you just make a link the same way you'd make any other link on your site, whether it's graphic or just text, and link it to the order form on Simplero.

You can find the link under your Product in the bottom left where there's a button labeled "Order form". Next to it is a little icon that lets you easily copy the link to your clipboard.

There's No Step Three

That's all you need for integration. Now people can opt in to your list, and once on your list, you can give them value and make them offers. And they can buy from you. All the delivery of content and nurturing is handled by Simplero without the need to rely on your website.

In fact, with Simplero, you don't even need a website to make tens of thousands of dollars. Curious how? Click here to learn more.