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When using the Upsell feature in Simplero if the customer takes advantage of the up-sell and clicks yes they are directed through the process of that product. However, if they hit no they are taken to the thank you page for the original product they purchased. 

But what if you wanted to offer them a coupon code for the upsell product in case they change their mind later, or at least mention the other product on the thank you page?

This guide is going to show you how to take them to a custom thank you page if they refuse the upsell product. 


Creating a Custom Thank You Page for a "No" response

  1. Create your Landing page that you will be using when someone says No
  2. Create your Upsell offer
  3. Add your upsell offer to the product. 
  4. When you click the Add upsell button it will take you back out to the upsell screen and show you your offer.
  5. Click on the link to Add a downsell

  6. Select the same offer, but this time paste in the URL for the landing page you just created in the External Sales page URL field 
  7. Your Product with upsell will look like this:

Last updated 3 Dec 2018.