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Membership Site Redirects

Redirects are a fun feature with Simplero that lets you make a pretty or shortened link using your member site domain and direct your followers to anywhere in internet land.

  1. Select Site from your Simplero Dashboard
  2. Select the Redirects tab
  3. Click the + Add a redirect button in the upper right corner

  4. The Redirect pop-up screen will appear with two boxes (Note you are limited to 15 characters)

  5. Box 1: Path on your site - In this box you will write the path or extension that you want to appear at the end of your Simplero domain. For example, if my simplero domain is demo.simplero.com and I type in Hello in this box then the link I will be giving people is demo.simplero.com/hello
  6. Box 2: Redirect to this URL - In this box you will paste the URL of the actual page you want them to go to. This could be a landing page you created in Simplero or somewhere else or maybe an order form link. The options really are endless.
  7. Click Save and you're ready to use the URL
Last updated 3 Dec 2018.