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Creating a Broadcast

  1. Select the Broadcasts tab from the main menu
  2. Select the blue + Create new broadcast button in the upper right corner

  3. Complete your Broadcast information:

  4. Give your broadcast a Subject name that your reader will see
  5. Give your broadcast an Internal name that is what you will see in your broadcasts screen
  6. Select an Email design template (see guides)
  7. Enter the  Sender name, email from and Reply-to information if you want to override your account default settings
  8. Click the blue Next button
  9. Type the Email body and insert images as desired by clicking the Media library icon

  10. Click the blue Next button
  11. Click the blue Choose recipients> button located at the bottom left corner or upper right corner of the screen

  12. Select the List or Product you want to email by clicking the square box under the Include column

  13. Click the blue Save changes button at the bottom of the screen
  14. You will be redirected to your Broadcasts information page
  15. Scroll down to the Schedule delivery section and click the blue Edit hyperlink 

  16. Choose when you want your broadcast to be sent. Choose the Deliver date and time if you want it delivered At a specific time 

  17. Click the blue Save changes button
  18. Send yourself a preview: In the right sidebar enter the email in the white box of where you want the preview to go to
  19. You can also click on the white Web preview button or the white View with an eye icon in the upper right corner to preview your broadcast email

  20. Send Broadcast: Select the blue Send broadcast now button in the upper right sidebar it will either say send broadcast now if you didn't schedule a future time or it will say Queue for delivery if you scheduled a view date and time for the email to go out. You can also scroll to the bottom of the page and click the blue Send broadcast now button

Choosing Recipients for Your Broadcasts

Last updated 6 Aug 2019.