Heads up! We just made some big improvements to Simplero, and a lot of the videos and screenshots here aren't updated yet.

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Your Account Menu and Screen

Simplero makes it easy to keep track of all of your account information, like accounts you have access to, purchase history, receipts, products, and more, all in one place. 

From any screen in Simplero, you can access your Account Overview. Simply click on your picture/name located on the top right corner of your Simplero Dashboard.

When you click on your picture/name, a menu will appear, and you can select:

  1. Your Profile 
  2. Your Account (see below for details)
  3. Other Simplero accounts you have access to
  4. Your Simplero purchases
  5. Log Out

When you select Your Account, you'll be taken to your Account Dashboard, which includes: 

Simplero_Account_tabYour Simplero Accounts - This is where you can access any Simplero accounts you own or are an Administrator on.

Simplero Account Admin - If you're an Administrator on an account, you'll see the blue "Admin" button next to the account name.

Your Products - This is where you'll see any Membership Sites that you're a member of.


Your Worksheets (under Your Products) - This is where you can view your responses to worksheets you completed for any Simplero site.


Your Purchase History - Through your purchase history, you can manage and view any product purchases made in Simplero.

Affiliate (when applicable) - If you're a part of our affiliate program, this is where you can see the details of your affiliate arrangements with Simplero accounts.

Several of the above options (like Purchases and Affiliate) will also be options from the Account Dashboard. 

You can also manage your Profile and Log Out from this screen.

Last updated 20 Oct 2020.