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How to Setup List opt-in Forms

If the money is in your list then you need to get people on your list. Simplero makes that easy with our opt-in forms.

You have two choices of opt-in forms which include:

So what is the right one for you?

It all depends on what you are looking for so let's look at the difference. 

Embedded opt-in forms are great when you don't have a lot of information to your lead before getting them on a list. An example would be getting on your newsletter email list. Here you only need to convey to them that is what they are doing and collect the name and email. Embedded opt-in forms are generally pop up boxes that could appear if your lead clicks a link, or scrolls to a certain point on a page, or maybe it comes up when they land on a page of your website or when they try to exit. But it can also exist as a permanent form on your website home page (or any page you desire).

A full-page landing page is ideal when you have more information to convey. A great example of this would be if you have a list sign-up for a webinar. Here you would want to convey to them, the date, why they want to be on your webinar and what they will learn. Bottom line is your opt-in needs to be more like a sales page and not a pop-up box so a full page landing page is the way you want to go. 

Use the Raw HTML code if you want to use the form somewhere else. This type of signup form has no styling from Simplero.  You add the styling in whatever system you use to display the form, such as a WordPress page, Leadpage or WebinarJam. 

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Full Transcript of Video

Hey everyone. It's Damon from Simplero and in this video I want to show you how to set up a signup form for your list. Okay? In order for people to join a list in Simplero, we need a signup form and that's what I'm going to show you how to do. First thing I want to do is locate the list. I want people to sign up to, so under contacts I'm going to go to lists and it's going to bring up every single list that I have. Okay. I'm going to select the list that I'm interested in creating a signup form for. Let's go with that one and then I'm going to click on signup forms.

I'm going to go ahead and click this blue button up here to create a new signup form, but I can always view the existing or edit the existing signup forms that I have for this particular list, but let's go ahead and click create new signup form and you get three different types of signup forms to choose from. Okay? Starting with the left, the embedded is a signup form you're going to create in Simplero and it's going to give you a piece of code that you can then embed on another page. And that sign up form will appear. That embed can also be a third party site. So it doesn't necessarily need to be your Simplero site. The full page option is a standalone web page that's going to include the signup form. Okay. So a standalone webpage that you'll create that includes a signup form.

And when they submit that form, they get signed up to this list. And finally, the raw HTML code is exactly that. It's raw code that you can use. Typically this is used like if you have a WordPress form and you need the actual raw signup code. So that's where you get it here. Okay. So, let me go ahead and click on embedded. We'll do an embedded form and we give you a couple of different templates to choose from. Including, you know, a naked, no design. You got boxy, you got stacked. I'll go ahead and pick stacked and I'll show you how to customize that form. Okay? You can change your colors over here. You can change which fields appear on that form. I can then just click onto this form and change and change. If I can type here, get my fingers right.

There we go, change the form title. Okay. And then I can click here and change, change the body. And this is what you see is what you get editor. So if I wanted to, I could make this a link if I wanted to, I could insert anything here if I wanted to. I could change this whole text. I could make that piece bold, or, or change the size, et cetera. Okay, so then you've got your form. All right, so that's what we're doing, configuring it here. Once you are done, all you then need to do is take this script and paste it anywhere on a Simplero page or anywhere on a third party page. And this embedded form would then appear on that page. And when they complete this form, they're signed up to the list. All right, let's take a look at the settings that you have because these settings actually apply to a lot of different forms, all, all the different styles of forms.

All right? That you've got the name. How do you want it to appear in line? So wherever the code is placed, the form would, this display right there, you can do a modal, which essentially means that pops up on the screen, like a modal that pops up. Or you can do a, what's called a slide in a we where essentially just slides in from the lower left, or lower right. Okay. You can pick the trigger. So do you want it to show on the page load, like right away, do you want to show on exit intent? Meaning when they go to, you know, leave the page scroll percentage. So like a certain percentage of, of the way down the screen, after a certain time or manually, if they click a specific button, you can fire this trigger.

You can then control if it shows on all devices, only desktop or only mobile. If you want to only show it to people one time or a certain amount of times, you can restrict that and you can hide it from anybody who's, if they're logged into their Simplero account already a contact of yours, you can hide that form. Okay. A teaser mode is a smaller little widget that's available in the right hand corner. So if they close the form, it's actually still going to display there. So you can play around with that if you want. What happens when they join the list?

Right? So right now we're, we're talking about a signup form for a list. So the action is they opt into the list and then you could pick the list you want here in the beginning we pick the main list. But I can go ahead and change this if I made a mistake. If I have a sign up form and I want it to be on another list, I can then change that, re associate the signup form to that list. Okay? Okay. After the conversion, we'll just do, you can control the action if you wanted to. So show them a message or just do the default action, which is take them to the thank you page and then, this controls whether or not it's active. All right? So if I want a sign up form and I only want to be active until next week, I can set that and then after that date, the signup form will not be active. And then finally we can put any custom CSS that we want here to control the, the look and feel. And then we have the option to add a trigger on this particular signup form.

All right, so we'll save changes there. The only other thing that I want to show you on this is the fields. So if you wanted to add additional fields to this form, you can do that here. And now in addition to adding email, they need to pick their state. Okay? All right. So that does it for the embedded form. If I want to go back to my list and pick a list, I will show you real quickly how to do a

full page form. I'm going to click create new signup full page. And then again, you have a bunch of different templates that you can choose from. Let's pick the list, sign up. And if you've been through the exercise on building a webpage with Simplero is webpage builder. This is the exact same thing, the exact same thing. The only difference is you now have this list sign up form section and when they submit this form, they're going to join your list and you can scroll down to the options here under the list and re associate which lists they join when they complete this option.

But that is how you create the full page standalone, a signup form. Okay. And then once I've got that page created, I can go back to the landing page settings and, here's the default URL for that standalone page. I, if I want, I can make that custom accustomed domain. I can change that here. And there's a couple of other configuration options including, you know, that making it active and not active and then adding tracking codes to that page. Okay. And also triggers. All right. And then the final one I want to show you is, let me click into this list. I'll go sign up forms. Let's go new signup form. Cause the final one I want to show you is the right age TML code. And that is exactly that. It's just raw HTML. And if you're working with a form builder in another webpage like WordPress, what you can do is take this action and make that be the action of the form. So it submits to this URL right here, and then you'll need to make sure that the field names are the same as what you see here. The full name field should be first underscore names. The email should be name equals email. And that's it. All right,

there you go. So that is how you create sign up forms for your list to get people onto your list. All right, I hope that helps. Let us know if you have any questions.

Last updated 6 Sep 2022.