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Page Builder 2.0 - Style Guides

Updated on 6 Mar 2024

Enjoy a more flexible way of building landing pages using the new Page builder 2.0!

Any changes you make will be autosaved as you work on your landing page. Also switch between the different screen sizes to create specific content for each, and Publish your page when you are ready to make your changes LIVE!

You can also see if there are other users currently on the same page., so you don’t step onto each other’s changes!

Style guides and Style libraries

You can have as many style guides as you like and use them for pre-formatting sections, rows, columns, and elements.

You’d normally want to start defining your style guide first, before you start building your page sections.

Click on Style Guide button to customize its colours, fonts, buttons, borders, and shadows:

You’ll notice that in every level of the landing page (sections > rows > columns > elements) there’s a settings button that will open up the format settings on the right sidebar.

We’ll pull the colours set up on the style guide, but you can override/customize them using the 3 dots option on the far right for each of them:

To create a new style guide or pick from another existing style guide, click on Change at the top left of the style guide editor:

Then click on Create a new style guide or select from the existing ones:

Style guides are available across your account and can be used in multiple landing pages at the same time.

Warning! If you make any changes to a style guide that is used across multiple landing pages, these changes will apply to all of them unless you’ve used custom formatting.