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Segments are very useful for identifying a specific group of customers in your contacts that's not on a single list or in a single product. For example, you may want to find out who is on a specific list but has not purchased your product. Or maybe you want to see the group of people in your newsletter who have shown interest by clicking on the sales link that you sent in a series of emails.

In Simplero, we can identify these groups and more using the segments feature.

Please note, we don't recommend emailing segments as there's the potential for someone who has unsubscribed to receive an email depending on how the segment is determined. 

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Support Tickets

We all know that customer service is vital to any business. Keeping customers happy means they will become longtime customers. But as a business owner, your inbox is probably pretty full and customer emails can get lost in the mix, meaning you could miss the opportunity to support and wow a customer. 

Simplero makes the customer service part of business a little easier with our built-in support ticket feature. 

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